Well, I am back in Chieri sitting in front of the TV watching E! or at least listening to the celebrity new, glancing up occasionally. Yesterday was my day off. And I got to spend a whooping five hours as a tourist in Amsterdam! Didn’t get to take the boat ride, but I did a lot of walking around, checking out the shops and stepping in sometimes just to keep dry and warm up. Yes, our only day off, it rained. Anyway, I made my way along with my teammates to the wax museum Madame Tussaud’s Amsterdam. To my surprise there was like a scary haunted house type area. You know when you watch a movie that really is that funny alone it really isn’t that funny. But with a group of friends who are laughing at everything you find yourself laughing too. Or if you watch a scary movie a mute the sound, it really isn’t that scary. But turn up the volume and have someone walk up behind just as the alien is unveil in the shadow… Well, one’s response is to jump and scream and be a bit more apprehensive passing through a dark scary hall if you are creeping along through it slowly with six other flinching, screaming teammates. I took a few pictures with the stars which I will later post in the photo gallery. I know it is long over due to update.

OK, we’ve got Vicenza tomorrow at home. Lost to them the first time around in five. So we will be working to get a victory this time. Go Chieri,


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  1. Hi Dani,
    I’m very happy for the win with Vicenza!
    I have seen the pictures you took in Holland… so funny!

  2. edgar molina mendez

    hello, danielle
    how are you? my name is edgar i from to the dominican republic, and am i your fan number one, and i want and need a jersey
    i love your game style

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