Coming off two consecutive defeats, we have to find a way to be victorious on tomorrow verse Novara. It all boils down to team. Of course execution of strategy and one’s performance are key too. However without a team effort we’re not only playing against our adversary, their fans, sometimes the officials, but ourselves. We had a meeting yesterday, hopefully some, enough emotions were expressed for each of us to consider and move forward as one. Either way we win as a team and lose as a team. As for me, in difficult moments I will continue to make my best effort to be a positive influence. After making a bad pass, but our team recovers and scores, I celebrate. I cheer even more when I make a good pass and the setter is able to run the offense! If every time each of us can better the ball, pressure is taken off the person who may not be having a particularly good match.

Anyway, stay tuned….Novara is kind of a rival since we are both from the same region.



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  1. Brian Berdanier

    Wazzup, Dani!?

    Okay, so I’ve got a question after reading your last blog entry. A few years ago, Tara Cross-Battle wrote in an article for Spike Nashbar’s “Vball” magazine that while boys/men seem to be able to play –and win– with whoever (regardless of interpersonal relationships), she felt that girls/women can only generate good on-court team chemistry if they’re also friends off the court. As you may remember, I’ve been coaching junior high school boys in Japan for the past few years, and I actually sometimes wonder if I’m putting unecessary emphasis on the “team” aspect of the game; I basically feel like I’m constantly reminding them to give each other high-fives! As someone who has played in Japan –and who has seen both mens’ and womens’ volleyball at the highest level– what’s your take? How much “attitude” do you think a coach can really instill?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have. Good luck with Novara!

    Brian Berdanier

  2. hihi danielle..
    miss you so much..long time no leave comment here..i have gotten my exam is..quite good..but i think i can pay more effort on it…i think if this semester..i keep having this result.i can promote to next stage.. ^^ happy with me?
    i am dissapointed that you loss two match..don’t give up..keep you

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