Hey, well we added a win to our victory column yeah! We beat Tortoli in four. Not at all close to a perfect match but lost learned, areas to improve and work at getting better. Plus three points towards the rankings, we are currently sixth of twelve teams. Top eight advance to the playoffs.

I went to the finals of the women’s Hockey game on Monday. We thought the finals was going to be USA verse Canada but instead it was Canada verses Sweden. USA went on to win the bronze. I’ve took a picture with Jamie Hagerman. I’ve got other pictures of the event that I will eventually add to the photo gallery. It was freezing in the arena. I must have drank four hot teas in trying to keep warm. It was really exciting to watch. I learned a lot about the rules of the sport.

We’ve got a scrimmage against a team from France tomorrow and travel to Perugia on Saturday for the televised match on Sunday.