Update time….

Well, I was hoping to write with great news about our come back and having won the Cup CEV championship. Instead the road continues to be a bit bumpy. Overall I think my team has moments of great play, but we are just unable to sustain it. Now if we were in the sideout system maybe we would be more competitive. Even still we would have to minimize our errors. My focus which usually comes easily for the next few matches and through the playoff will be my blocking. It’s something I can control and something I’ve had better results than I am having now, it terms of blocks for points.

Other than that…today, Sunday, we were off so I drove over to Torino to the English Speaking Church. Haven’t decided yet but maybe I’ll take a drive to Canes if I can get someone to go with me. Or check out the Egyptian Museum. Or maybe I’ll just stay home, tidy up the house. Bo, Non lo so…

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