Hello All,

I’m coming to you not with great new but a least some news of progress if you will. We’ve still not put a w in the win column from the last two matches. And in fact one of the two five set losses was another lull in our season. But, always in search of positives and something to move forward with, I found our second five game loss to the leagues currently first place team, was a step in the right direction as the playoff approach. Even after finding ourselves down 0-2 we fought until the end. I know and believe that if we continue to fight the way we did on yesterday, from the beginning of the match, we can do some amazing things still in the season.

By the way, I ended up going to the Egyptian Museum. I was a journey back in time with all the ancient artifacts, and tombs… Took some pics but the lighting wasn’t so great. But I will get around to posting those.

Well, that’s it for this update.

blessings to ya,


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  1. jesus miranda

    Hi, Danielle It’s very hard beat greats teams in the Italian league, like Bergamo,Pesaro and Perugia, I saw the results and the progress loses games in five sets, I think Chieri need work very hard and can back to the top 5 teams your blocks were very efficient in the last match with Bergamo but the concentration , uhh sorry Danielle keep blocking the ball and remember fight, fight to the end, start start working hard to the next match and try to play with your partners godina,fiorin,pachale,etc.like friends like team and work together to win the next match vs. Padova, good luck Danielle, I believe the CHIERI can back to the top again. Your friend from Atlantic City NJ, USA, I waiting for the day will see you in person playing with national team any international championships.

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