Only two days until our second to last regular season match against Padova. We will play there. We’ve been training hard as we prepare for the next two matches, then let the playoff begin.

In the meantime because Bergamo had the European Cup Championship in which to compete, we play on Wednesday. This left us without league competition for the weekend. Woohoo. I was looking to have at least a two day break, go to church on Sunday… Not really, instead we trained twice on Saturday (usually we train once) and once on Sunday. However my coach was gracious enough to push practice up a bit. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to give me time to change after service. So guess what? I went to church in my practice uniform. I took to “come as you are” and still I had to leave right after hearing the sermon. Upon arriving at the gym, I was in such a hurry that I grabbed my bags and took off running leaving my car door open throughout the entire practice!

We were, however, given Sunday evening off, Monday all day and Tuesday morning. I took the opportunity to have an adventure driving to Imola to visit an old friend from college. And an adventure it was. It took me five hours to arrive when it should have taken only three hours! My navigator sucked! Excuse my language. Constantly reworking the journey. Finally, on the right track, my friends met me at McDonald and I followed them home. It was a wonderful day spent with their family. My friends have a daughter, Jessica, who is five. So adorable. We played make up and painted our nails…scribbled on the chalk board. Talked for hours with Anto. I left early on Tuesday to give myself enough time to nap before going to practice. The return trip back went a lot smoother with written directions in hand, boy technology.

Then on Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to see Giorgia an Italian singer perform. What a voice! She was so petite but a voice so incredibly beautiful. I think I’ll start taking signing lessons.

Anyway, now you’re all caught up…

Take care and blessings,