What’s happening to Chieri Volley? I’ll tell you and hopefully set your mind at ease a bit. With yesterdays loss, we have grabbed yet another experience to take with us into the playoffs. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Two things are happening right now (at least these are the two I will comment). One of which I agree with my coach when he said, “That we are training well and the results will come with just a few adjustments we have to make.” And two, we are definitely going to be the underdogs going into the playoffs. Which will make it that much sweeter when the victory comes. I am sure like some of our wavering fans, the other teams may be counting us out. But it is not over until it is over. We were given today off to reflect, recover, and regroup because tomorrow we will continue training hard and well and preparing for the challenges and matches to come.



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  1. Silvia (Torino)

    Hi Danielle,
    I like playoffs because it’s not important what you have done in the regular season’s matches. You will have the opportunity to restart from zero and to do well!

    Go Dani
    Go Chieri

  2. jesus miranda

    keep the ball, danielle now the playoffs are coming and I don’t what happen, Chieri need another victory, anything can happen in the playoffs, I wish Chieri can made the surprise an d advance to the finals, It’s hard but not imposible Danielle, you see Perugia beat Rc.cannes and Pesaro beat Chieri, now It’s time to Chieri make sucess with godina, pachale, fiorin etc. Danielle sorry It’s no good season for Chieri but the finals are now and Chieri can back to tht 5 top teams, I like when you going out in Italy, you going out like me the church, museums and italian singers, I’m waiting go to Italy a lot people said It’s a beautiful country, old style, OK Danielle time for Chieri recover all the power in the finals, with love from Jesus Miranda , atlantic city, NJ,USA

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