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Praise God for our victory! Boy what a great feeling to see our team finally put together a solid match again…Everybody in the gym were on their feet. Finally a gift to all of our supporters. I felt really happy. My “adoptive” mom’s birthday was the day before and one of the two things she wanted as a gift was our victory on Sunday. (I think I mentioned once that there is an Italian family here that are like my family)… Not to say anything less of all the fans and friends I have developed here who have been really nice and supportive.

Next match on Wednesday without a doubt is extremely important for us. Thanks for your prayers and belief in us!



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  1. jesus miranda

    Thank you for all players CHIERI finally wom very important match, keep blocking the ball Danielle It’s your time to recovery the high level and concentration, Novara is stong team don’t give any chance to Aguero, good luck for CHIERI team the playoffs is good time for CHIERI to be in top 4 teams, Wednesday I’m watching some matches for internet Itailan TV of course, I wish they will play TV. Cheri vs. Novara match, good luck for all players especially for your and Godina I think she’s getting better and Good luck concentration It’s the KEY to the victory, with love for Danielle scott from Jesus MIranda Atlantic City nj, USA

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