Hello Everyone,

Boy time is flying. I can’t believe that in a month I’ve only worked out four times! I did cardio one day, took two pilates classes, and tried my hand at tennis (not even close to the Williams sisters, though I had the look;-)…. Yesterday, however, I woke up early (5:16am, YIKES) and rode my stationary bike while my mom walked on the treadmill. Then later I hit the gym hard at Foxy’s. I could tell by the end of my workout that I was going to pay for my time off. But I felt good afterwards. Of course taking First Step for Energy helped me get through the workout so as not to feel completely exhausted.

I am not sure of my report date to the National Team but I want to make sure I am in top physical shape upon my arrival. That way getting back in to the volleyball shape won’t be as painful. You know, no matter how much other physical activity one does, it seems that there is no way to prepare one’s body for the actions of volleyball except playing volleyball. I look forward to playing sand volleyball at the local spot Mango’s again during my time home in Baton Rouge. Secondly, my coach will continue to be confident in giving me time off knowing that I will return to the team in good condition and ready work 100%.

Well, that’s it for now.

Until the next entry, be blessed!


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  1. Glad to hear you are back in BR with us! My lil sis just started working out at Foxy’s with Charles. She’s loving it! God Bless!

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