Wow, It’s July already and almost one month has passed since my last entry! Ah July the month of fireworks. As we are approaching Independence Day, let us all remember our troops.

Well, let’s see… I finally made my way back to Brazil after many years. And it was for a vacation WOOHOO not volleyball related travel for a change. Actually that was my second non volleyball related trip for the summer. It was a wonderful trip. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to contact any of my old friends or teammates while there. The few friends of whom I had their number were out of town and the others I couldn’t find a number. Boo! Nonetheless I had a wonderful time.

Now I am back in Baton Rouge doing a lot of running around and of course working out. July is already here so my time at home is winding down. But I look forward to getting back on the court. Right now the team (USA National Team) is in Puerto Rico playing in the Pan Am cup a the qualifying tournament for the Grand Prix 2007.

What else? I will have a visitor from Italy arrive on Friday. Her name is Marta. She is like my Italian sister as her family took me in during my stay in Chieri.

Well, that’s it for now. Remember if you have in questions or things you want me to comment about, leave a comment or shoot me an email

Blessing to ya,


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  1. Brian Berdanier


    Can’t wait to see you back on the National Team… I know for a fact that loads of your loyal Japanese fans would LUUUV to see you back here for World Champs in November/December too! Gambatte kudasai!


  2. Hi Danielle,

    Recently I’ve heard a news that you will join Brazil volleyball league later this year. I’m so happy to hear that. It’s been 10 years that I started to pay attention to every games you involved(of coz if it was broadcasted ^_^). You are my favorite middle blocker in the world. I love you more than ZHAO Ruirui, although I’m a fan of Chinese team. I hope you performance in WGP as well as in World Chanpionship in Japan later this year will bring me a great surprise.


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