Hello All,

For all of you who missed my announcement before…I will be joining the National Team on July 29. I will have from then until Aug 11 to get myself in volleyball condition to make the travel team. I am feeling pretty good about it since physically I feel strong. I just have to get back on the court! And boy am I eager. So do pray from me to stay healthy and I will as always give it my best.

Until next time,
Blessing to ya,


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  1. jesus miranda

    we are really miss you, Danielle I hope you feeling stronger to be in the USA national team, now two hard competitions are coming Grand prix and the world championship, the national team need you experience, get ready to sweept all teams, It’s hard but keep blocking the ball like wall, my favorites are USA of course, Brazil good blocking very be careful, China always speeding, try to server strong they have the best reception,Italy like Rusia tall teams with experience, and Cuba,remember bring USA to the finals, I like Nancy,Berg very powerfull, Tayyiba, and Crawford, good luck and bet the block, more agreesive, like in 96 olympics when your were playing with Cuba, and your were playing much better like the veterans, good luck in the Grand prix, your friend Jesus miranda, atlantic city, nj usa

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