After one week of practice, I am still in one piece. I was off THREE MONTHS, and played only once at the local volleyball sand courts facility. No injuries praise God, but naturally I went through some sore days. I feel so incredible blessed. I have to share with you “my secret.” Really no secret at all but my being off from volleyball, doesn’t mean that I stop doing all physical exercise. During my “down time” from playing volleyball I continue to workout lifting weights, doing cardio and I try to include some yoga though I don’t do it nearly as consistently as I should. In my lifting session I included some of the movement that I would do in volleyball for instance side lunges, squats… The other important point is that because of my work ethics my coaches would tell me to sit out the final drill or trusted me when I would ask to sit out the final drill. The latter is most difficult to do (taking myself out of a drill) but I’ve learned to do so in order to avoid injury. But most of my coaches are really good about not putting me in that position, even then it is difficult to sit out watching my teammates work hard. When I am out of a drill for recovery purposes or just out of the drill waiting to be rotated in, I make sure I am encouraging. cheering or giving input (usually with blocking or hitting) to my teammates, shagging or handing balls to keep the drill flowing…

Other news…Jenny Lang Ping, the USA National Team Head Coach, announced the 2006 Grand Prix roster. It is always like music to my ears when I hear my name called as one of the three traveling middles! We will travel to Poland, Macau, Thailand and Italy if we made the final round. Now I have to continue to work hard and be productive to get back in the line up.

Thanks again for all of your support and prayers,



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  1. good job d! when is the 2006 Grand Prix roster being announced! good job! i can’t wait to see you guys play!

  2. jesus miranda

    Thank you, Danielle to respond my message, first CONGRATULATIONS and good luck now you’re a married woman, well the national is playing totally diferent, I think Lang ping try to give some international experience to the younger players and good for that, good match with Poland and Italy the team is in progress of course the italian team are in good shape, the dominicans too, ok you’re girls will see the dominicans again time to revenge, I hope the USA team will playing better the next games, and play the finals in Italy really hard, but not imposible all teams are stongs japan, Arzebajain, cuba,Rusia, Brazil, China, Italy, Dominicans and more, I like when Lang Pin said about Danielle scott (she is excellent) I believe in USA national team can make progress in the coming matches and you will help the youngers players, Ok Danielle get ready to play a nice match with the Brazilians, I think the strong servers help to win the matches, and with the brazilians bet the block, good luck Danielle and the others players can should the high levels like before It’s a new team Ok, I will see your progress Danielle and be stronger like wall in the middle, Danielle excellent volleyball, I said and Jenny lan ping The coach said too. Cheers from Jesus Miranda Atlantic City, NJ, and one day I will see you playing.

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