Hello All,

From Macau to Bangkok, Thailand. Well, we are looking to have better results than that in Macau… WE ARE IN A MUST DO SITUATION! Right now we are seventh in the rankings at 2-4. Only the top six will advance to the finals in Italy next week. What I am sure of, is that we must win all three matches to give ourselves a chance. Beyond that it is out of our control. After tonights meeting I am feeling a little better vibe amongst the players. Well, we talked about what we need to do, now it is all about getting it done. I love tournament time like this! Look out Thailand, Korea and Russia. OK first things first. Good morning practice, then 4:30 match against Thailand.

Stay Tuned!


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  1. hi Dani compliments for your game 14 stung very good!
    for the final 6 won’t be easy but not impossible.. Japan or Cuba will have to lose the next 2 meetings (Japan will play against Brazil and Italy). For you and your team it will be a very hard game that against Russia.
    I hope in a victory of yours. Regards from Italy.. bye

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