Boy is this week passing slowly…because of a stained hamstring and it’s attachment leading to my buttocks, I’ve spent a lot of time in the training room getting therapy. My hamstring is feeling better and slowly, slowly so is my hamstrings upper attachment. Any athlete can tell you it sucks to be off from volleyball or one’s sport due to injury, it’s tough watching my teammates work hard while I am on the sidelines… But while on the sidelines I am not completely idle. I make sure that I am cheering my teammates on, shagging balls etc. The day before yesterday and yesterday I gave more feed back about the quick attack, and blocking… It seems today that I put in more hours for therapy than before the injury practicing volleyball…. Whatever it takes to get back in the gym as soon as possible, which I think will be on Monday.

On another note, I am looking forward to having TWO DAYS off this weekend to spend with my husband. (Yes, Jenny is giving the team two days off, WOOHOO!) Sunday, I will celebrate my first birthday as Mrs. Arruda.

Last weekend we had morning practice as usual for a Saturday…. I had planned to go home (Baton Rouge) and it seemed that everything would workout fine. Practice actually ended on time. My boarding pass was already printed and all I had was a carryon. I made the 1:45 flight no problem. By the way, thanks again Ogonna for the ride and Jen for letting her use your car… It was the connecting flight from Houston to Baton Rouge where the nightmare took place! I was supposed to arrive at 7:20pm. My mom had cooked all my favorites, HER famous roast beef, lima beans and okra, cornbread dressing … all of which I devoured until 12:45 am. Of course this in an ungodly hour to eat but it was my mom’s cookings. I enjoyed it nonetheless but it was ridiculous the delays I had with Continental. Though delays are a part of traveling it really messes things up considering the limited amount of time I had for the trip and the amount I paid for the ticket! Anyway, I still enjoyed the family. My dad and I stopped off at Chilis on the way to the catch my 7pm flight back to Colorado.

Well, that’s it for now. Be blessed,


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  1. Oh, my Mrs Arruda, both good news and bad news hearing from you eh!

    I hope you can recover very soon. World Championship is coming shortly. Your team and you need to work hard. Ah ha, I know how you feel. I am an athlete, too. Sometimes the fructration drives me crazy.

    Well, you’ve given us a very good example how to be a good player and a good Christian. I do treasure the next time we meet.

    Fong ^o^

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