What a wonderful birthday I had October 1! YEP the big 34, thanks be to God for continuing to so graciously bless me. And thank all of you for thinking of me and sending your best wishes and happy birthday notes. I had an awesome five day celebration with my husband (Eduardo). During his stay, we drove down to Denver, walked around the 16th Street mall … where there were speeding buses unlike the trolleys we have in New Orleans. But there were horse and carriage buggy rides. We found our way to ESPN zone played some of the games and where I came to realize that at least for one minute I still have free throw shooting skills. I won, though Eduardo might say it was a birthday gift 🙂

What else? We went to church, shared lots of meals. It’s tough eating out all the time though there are many restaurants, deciding what we were going to eat was the challenge. Cheesecake Factory was a must! Fast foods other days, I am sure we gained at least five pounds… No problem, extra cardio to be served up next!

Well, my husband returned to Brazil today BOOO!… but continue in his work with a certain project, and the Junior National Team, while I continue in my pursuit of my fourth Olympics. Next up World Championships, Japan! Our first match will be on Halloween. Hopefully a we’ll play our game add some tricks and victory will be our treat. Speaking of treat, I am back in the gym. Injuries remind me not to take anything for granted. This last week of therapy, heating, icing, stimulation and ultra sound, swim ex (getting over the fear of drowning, exercising while fighting the currents), manual resistance exercises (causing near cramps), stretching, has finally produced results. Though I am still continuing with my rehab exercises, I am back jumping around blocking, attacking, digging, serving and smilin…. ya know all the fun stuff!

This week our coach is being interviewed by Sports Illustrated (China) so keep an eye out for that up and coming article.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was yesterday! I turned the big 3-0! Wow! Good luck and God bless!

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