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Well, after a weekend at home (a pre-celebration of my dad’s birthday since I wouldn’t be in town on the 20th) I returned to C. Springs for training and packed my things heading for three destination; to be shipped to Baton Rouge, to remain in Colorado Springs, and to travel to Japan for the World Championships. That was a task and a half! But I got it done.

We are now in Noda training with Takefuji. We’ve played twice against Takefuji four games each time. Our record is 7-1. We will play them one more final time on Saturday before heading to Kobe, where the competitions begins! Of course preparation in practice, weights, trying to stay healthy. watching video leads me into the tournament feelings excited and ready! There are a couple of teams in our pool that I have not ever played against, and one team that I haven’t played in a couple of years. This is truly a WORLD tournament.

I like Japan. And I’ve always thought of it as a clean country. But my stay a Noda Todu has me second guessing the sewer system. That is exactly what my bathroom smells like! Well, OK, I won’t judge the country on my stay at this particular hotel, and I know it is particularly unfair since only my room and one other of my teammate’s room has the horrible odor. And I must admit that I enjoyed to good years in Yamagata when I played for Pioneer.

It doesn’t look like my husband will make it out to see me this trip. BOOO! He is hard at work multi tasking. Studying for an exam, training the Jr. National team, working on this project let’s call it X, making sure my return to Brazil will be perfect and I am sure thinking about me every second in between :-)… Thanks Baby, now the all who read my blog know what a Super Man I think you are, and how much I love and appreciate you. Awwwwww

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  1. Good luck in the Worlds!!!! My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Team USA!

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