Well, It was a rough night at the office! Whew glad it is over and tomorrow is a new day in which joy cometh! AMEN! Yet this was officially my worst match ever. If I thought I had my worst match ever before, whenever that was tonight’s match against Kazakhstan topped it. I just could not connect with Robyn tonight. The adjustments that I can normally make allude me. Not how I anticipated starting out the first match of the World Championships. But Praise the Lord we won in five. We came back from being down 1-8 at the change of sides in the fifth set. Tomorrow we will play Holland National Team coached by Arie Selinger’s son Avital. Should be a good match.

Stay Tuned,


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  1. Silvia (Torino)

    Hey Dani,
    I wish you and your team the best in the World Championship.

  2. Hi Danielle

    I’m from Japan and I’m waching your games in KOBE and OSAKA for 5 days.I’m looking forward to seeing you!!
    I’ll back you up!!!!!!

    Best regards,

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