2-0 Not a bad way to start off the World Championships. Both matches fought until the end, back to back five gamers! I am really proud of my team’s steadfastness. This is USA volleyball. Fight until the end. After our second tough five gamer win in a row, another team’s stats technician replied “God is American.” Well, I know that God has shown us favor. And I thank Him for allowing me to get my rhythm back hitting. Still can be better. But Amen. Today we were off from competition but we’ll train and watch video.



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  1. Dani,

    Congrats on two close victories! I feel like a bit of a dork sitting in front of my computer, “watching” the match (just following the live score, actually) on the FIVB web site, but it’s still exciting to see Team USA pull through at the end of the fifth game! Hope you’ll get on TV here in subsequent rounds… I know lots of your fans in Japan (myself included) would like to see you and Heather “together” again as starting MBs! Keep it up!

  2. Hi Daniko,

    I’m arrived at home from Kobe now.
    It’s far away from Kobe to Kanagawa (Maybe you know?)
    I really enjoyed watching US matches for 3 days.
    It was so cool today’s game That’s USA team!!! LOVE LOVE!

    I’m going to Osaka next Sat and Sun. GO USA!!!GO Daniko!!

    PS Thank you for your autograph in USA flag, which Nancy gave to me!

    Nahoko ^^

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