Another several days have past…boy it’s been a rough round two and we find ourselves playing for ninth. Just some tough breaks. We opened the second round verses Azerbaijan losing a tough five gamer. Playing Russia was a disaster…OK not completely, well ultimately it was a loss in three. But we led each set. Tom our assistant coach made a comment that we are the best team until 10 points! That’s horrible. We look so promising, but then we breakdown. Too many errors, hitting, passing, serving and balls hit off the block…. We final got a victory in the second round verses Germany. Germany is being coached by my former coach Giovanni Guidetti of Chieri Volley… Anyway we manage to fight to pull out the victory in five. Going into the match we knew that we were in a must win situation in order to try to play for fifth through eighth. Though we won the match, we were still short just 7 points! BOOO! And Netherlands beat China. Tomorrow we will play Chinese Taipei… This team runs a very quick offense and lots of combinations with their opposite and middle hitters. Should be a fun match.



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  1. Hi, Danielle

    The last game of 2nd round(vs. Germany) was super super perfect game!!
    I was very happy ^^ How was Nancy’s B-day?

    Only last 2 match…. Danny just ENJOY!!!
    I’m going to Osaka on Thurs again haha^^
    I’ll be fake sick and I’ll absent my work the day!!!!

    GO USA! COME ON Danny!!


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