Well, the tournament has come to a close. Yesterday we beat Chinese Taipei in 3. This team upset quite a few top teams and played five gamers with others. Today we beat Turkey in four. We finished strong although we only placed 9th. That was a lot lower than our expectations but we at least were able to pull together and finish the best position given the circumstances. Wow, this is my last World Championships as a player! Kind of sad…but I am looking forward to next years competitions including the qualifier for the Olympics World Cup. But we have quite a few other important tournaments before we get there.

Tomorrow 2006 USA National team will part ways… Some of us will travel back to Colorado Springs before driving or catching a flight to our hometown. Others of us will catch a flight from San Fran. From there I will travel back to Baton Rouge to see my family for a quick visit before prepare to go to play my next season in Brazil. I’ve got lots to do with only a short time to do it. I’d better start making my list. I will update my schedule as soon as the federation post it.

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  1. I appreaciate your hard work!!! Thanks you for playing in Japan.
    This World champion ship makes me a bigger fan of USA than before!
    Is this your last World Championships??? I’ve never heard taht…it’s toooo sad……
    I’m looking forward to seeing you net year!!

    PS Please your some photos,which I gave it to u on this website haha^^

    Thanks lots,

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