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We won our last match WOOHOO! We really need to win at least the next four match to secure the third place regular season position. So I am playing in the middle. I was actually contracted to play on the rightside as opposite. But I got here and they needed me to play middle. I was most disappointed because it seemed that the only way the I can play in the back court is as opposite. Although I have been very blessed to be one of the best in the middle, I really can’t complain…As you know one of our starting outsides went to compete in the Japanese V-league. With that news, my coach decided that it was time to put me on the rightside to strengthen our attack and allow me to hit from back row. We trained for about two weeks with me playing in the opposite position and then…. we lost a middle to injury! We’ve had bad luck this season with injuries. So back to the middle I go the day before our first match of the new year. But the catch is now I kind of get the best of playing in the middle????and playing back row. WOOOHOO. The libero goes in for the opposite, yeah, and I get to play defense and hit from the back row.

Well, we are off to Brasilia tomorrow.

Wish us well,


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  1. i wondered why you were supposed to be an opposite and still playing as blocker…its fabulous to read your explanation details…

    i know you are definitely a great player in either positions…

    wish you anything good, dani…take care

  2. jesus miranda

    hello: Danielle now playing in Brazil superliga, I think that good for you, after your playing that many years in Italy, I wish you will play strong in the middle is your best position, and get more experience and bring the USA national team to the olympics but for that, the team USA got play together from the begining in JUNE, TOGETHER that’s the key for the USA team and can go back to the , I as very upset with the USA national team for 9th place, Now team USA got play together, time to back for BERG and TOM, good luck for your team MACAE in Brazil and get better to beat (finassa and Rexona) really hard Danielle but you wiil get it. Good luck Danielle my favorite player,I will see (if you play in the next PAN cup) in USA. See you soon Danielle.

  3. Hey girl! I’m glad you are getting to play some back row! I hope everything else in life is going well. Good luck in securing the 3rd place position! God Bless!

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