Well, I’d better update tonight while I still have access to the Internet. WE WON in three! And I was named best player of the match. Got a little trophy and everything. So it seems we are on the right track. Only thing is that the team we are battling for the third position just beat the first place team in five games. As usual we can only control what we do, then wait to see how things fall in line. Next up is Saturday’s match against Pinieros… I should have my schedule, and follow me ball updated soon as well as the articles from last summer.

Stay tuned,

GO Cimed Macae!


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  1. I’m happy to hear that you were named best player of the match!
    Congratulations! I hope you will win a next match!

    Go Danielle 🙂


  2. yup…its a problem…Osasco was unluckily defeated by Fiat/Minas….its gonna be very complicated to get through….take this chance and maybe you are gonna see the way up to the second place in superliga…although i love paula pequeno as well…

    hopefully everything goes well with you..dani..did you enjoy the feeling of back row attacking?

  3. jesus miranda

    Finally, Danielle scott is named Best player of the game, congratulations for the win, keep focus in the next and get ready for the next strongs teams in the Brazilian Superliga, I’m sorry from the last massage (your best position is middle blocker) because only saw you played that position, but I’think you can play good other positions. I hope USA coach lang ping will call you for the next road to the olympics games.Now you can more experience playing with some Brazilian good players, Danielle make the change and leave your quality good player is Danielle scott now a married woman, I wish you can upgrade new pictures from your wedding in your website, Thanks Danielle go far with your team Macae. from Jesus miranda.

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