Hello All,

Well, it is getting hotter and hotter here in Macae. Thank goodness my air conditioner will arrive today or tomorrow! You won’t believe that I have a cold! Yes, a cold in the summer. It is awful because I want nothing more than something really really ice cold to drink down, a popsicle, ice-cream… My husband is taking good care of me though ahhhhh.cooking, setting the alarm so that I take my medicine on time…. Though I was exhausted, we went to church and we were blessed richly with the Word. The church was air conditioned but there I was with the paper on which I was taking note, fanning like crazy because I’d begun to sweat.

Team Cimed Macae is batting above fifty percent! Woohoo! We are 5-4 now. Only five more regular season matches. My mom will be arriving soon. She’ll catch the last few regular season matches and see us through the playoff.

That’s it for now. Hopefully I will get over my cold quickly. Pray for me please.



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  1. bless you!

    dani….its so nice that mom is coming…cheer up and get well soon.

  2. Hope you get better soon. I actually came down with the flu even though I had a flu shot! Miss you lots! Keep Representing!

  3. jesus miranda

    Oh Danielle you got get better, the next match is Finnasa . Danielle the Brazilians playres said your’e getting better and bettter every other match, Valeskinha the other middle blocker said(she’s playing faster it’s very hard to stop her)So Danielle I know the cold make you tired, But you got block the ball , Good luck feel better, Macae taem are doing great job. Danielle should all your experience and beat Finassa.Feeling take your medicine on time, Danielle playing volleyball forever. The blocks and good recepcion are the key to beat Finnasa. Good luck. Jesus miranda loves the way to play volleyball.

  4. hey danielle..
    I dont know why..i cannot post u my comment..
    maybe..my computer has some problem
    forunately now is getting better!!
    how about you
    It is sad heard that you have got sick!! is it better now
    meanwhile..that is glad to hear your lovely husband is taking care you well..
    I want to get one too!!XOXOXO
    good luck,,

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