Well, Regular season is done. We lost our final three matches BOOOO! And thus dropped to fifth place for the final ranking of regular season. The positive is that once the playoffs starts the slate is wiped clean. Gloves must come off, if they weren’t already. On an individual note, I finished first in the best scorer category by only three point more than Paula Pequeno. I also finished first in attack percentage. What I am most happy about is that I was the best defender for our team the last two matches. I love to play defense and I finally made it in the stats, well at least for those two matches…. Although I am disappointingly not in the blocking top blocking stats, our team is ranked second in defense, though I know I must block more balls for points to help in the post season matches.

Before the playoffs began we will have four days off. I am in Sao Paulo right now. Today my husband and I had lunch at one of his favorite self-service restaurants. The picanha was good and the maracuja mousse with chocolate chips in it was da bum! Tomorrow we will go work out, and take care of some errands. We’ll have lunch and my in-laws then head to Parati for Carnival.

That’s it for now



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