Hello All,

Well, one match down and at least two more victories to go in this series. It is going to be a tough series as during playoff time no match, set, point, can be taken easily. We have to earn it, although the other teams errors 28 verses our 14 did give us a cushion. I am not expecting that in the matches to come. This team generally does not make a lot of errors.

So the water system here in Macae is so weird…. Maybe it is normal, I am not sure since not having water has never been an issue. In the States you pay your bill, you’ll have water. I am not sure the problem but apparently there was a problem in the my part of the city. Anyway, I live in a house and it has a small pool. I had to add water to it as it was low. It took SEVEN hours to fill! At any rate, there is a type of resevoir in my back yard. It was depleted in my effort to fill the pool. So when the problem arose, I was left without water! My husband call to have water delivered. He didn’t come until about 8:30 pm. I was still at practice which left my mom who doesn’t speak any portuguese to resolve the problem. Long story shortened, my resevoir was fill, as well and the pool and my kitchen floor. Apparently, the man dragged the open hose through the kitchen and flooded the floor. Poor mom, she was left to clean up the mess. Thanks mom.

Well, I am off to bed.

Go Cimed Macae


Oh I should have some new photo to post in the gallery soon thanks to Junior a volleyball fan from Macae.