Our last match we lost in five after being up 2-1 BOO and OUCH…. But it turns out the match is actually not over. During the fourth set somehow the official writing the score gave Sao Caetano an extra point. This discrepancy was confirmed, that the fourth set’s score actually ended with the score of 24-25 (thus incomplete). So there is a possibility that that game will be discounted. Crazy… Anyway, the focus is on tomorrow’s match. We are already in Sao Caetano and have one more practice tomorrow morning before the match.



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  1. Hey —
    Macae lost today again (3-1), but you played very well (you always do). I’m sure wednesday Cimed/Macaé will win and there’ll be a 5th match here in São Caetano.
    Just don’t give up, there’s nothing lost yet 🙂

  2. By the way, I forgot to mention in the last post that I have some pictures of you playing for Cimed/Macaé… ok ok, I have tons of them… haha
    If you want, I can send them for you.

  3. ive got a good news that you have won the last game 3-0 over San Caetano and got through to the semifinal…congratulations!!!

    Rexona is the toughest rival….good luck to you!

    keep it going!!!

  4. jesus miranda

    Hello Danielle from Jesus NJ,USA Very hard competition the Superliga in Brazil but is good for you playing with some brazilians players. On the road to the Olympics 2008 you got get more experience to bet the brazilian team and other teams, Usa got go to world cup and get the ticket to the Olympics. Go Danielle Go to the Usa national team together,like a team(example Serbia finish 3 place in Japan) the next surprise got be the USA national team.Now in the Superliga Macae is a good team, Tough competition Danielle Go Danielle be the best player every game, Good luck, Go Go to your first olympic Medal. Jesus miranda Nj, Usa.

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