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It has been a while but it’s not my fault completely. My computer has been giving me the blues. Something with my battery, the charger, and or the port where the adapter enters. It takes a day to charge but it only gives me up to an hour of charge. The adapter will not work without the battery. What a mess. Anyway, well for those of you who use my weblog as your only means of update sorry for taking so long to update and for those of you who know all the site on which to do searches for info, sorry about the old news. I’ll keep it short as I don’t have much of a choice. We advance to the semi finals against Rexona. But we lost 0-3 in a best of five match series. The first match we lost in five at home and as with this match the other two matches were similar even though we lost in fewer matches. At some moments we controlled the match but somehow we just could not finish off the set. It seemed that if we could just win one match to get the “money off our backs” it would have been a different series. Still plagued with injuries, as per this entire season, we lost one of our outsides to an ankle sprain. My coach decided to move me to opposite. Because Rexona’s opposed killed us the previous match … in serve receive I attacked most from the right in position 2, but when we served I block in position 4 and counter attacked from the outside. High balls are not my specialty but I did an OK job. Actually I thought I was less than average. Out of curiosity I checked the Sassa’s stats, someone who plays the position all the time. There wasn’t much of a difference (She was 11/43 I was 10/48)…. The next match I did much better but still unfortunately the same result. Now we will play on Saturday against Minas for third place, one deciding match. And there you have it.

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  1. Ciao Danielle…sono dell’Italia, ritornerai a giocare qui in Italia? Eri bellissima da guardare…

    Ciao ciao dall’Italia…

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