Well, that’s all she wrote for us! We finished fourth Superliga 2006/2007. I think it was a learning experience for a lot of my teammates. We have to learn to finish teams off when we have the opportunity. We were unable to do that against Minas for third, Rexona in the semis, and various other matches. Our teams main objective was to finish top four, so for the marketing aspect that was great. The problem with setting a goal like that is what is next once you have achieved that. Are the players able to reset their minds to strive for more? Of course one should have mini goals … but I felt the team was satisfied with what we had already achieved. Even though we were lacking in experience perhaps ability to finish off a team, I think my teammates fought. I don’t have a doubt about that, we fought.

I am pretty happy with my overall personal performance this season. Praise the Lord I made it through the season practically injury free. I finished my last match as best scorer and best attacker. Although I am a bit disappointed in not appearing in the blocking category even though I have more blocks than the person ranked 10th…. I am really happy to have been able to play in the back court again WOOHOO; playing defense, reading the attacker, throwing my body after balls, attacking from position six, hitting a slide (one leg) for position one. It would be wonderful to always have this opportunity to help not only in the front court but in the back court as well as back. I won’t lose hope. This season I played in the middle (naturally), as opposite a few matches and finally my last match I played as the leftside hitter (position 4).

And now, everyone will take a break. Soon the business of finding a team on which to play for next season will began. But until then I will just in enjoy my husband and mom and being in Brazil on vacation. That is until it is time to join the National team. GO USA! We have a big summer ahead of us with this being the Olympic Qualifying year!

Thanks everyone for supporting me and volleyball,

Stay tuned,


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  1. jesus miranda

    Good Danielle you were played good in position 4,finish in fourth place is good after all the troubles in Macae. Now is time to take vacation and get all your energy to USA national team on the road the World cup in Japan to get one of the top places, to get the ticket to the Olympics 2008 really hard Danielle but not impossible(remember SERBIA finish with the third place in the last World championship 2006 in Japan)Listen me please Jenny lang ping my favorite team are Logan tom, Berg, Hannef,Metcalf, DANIELLE SCOTT,Wilkins, libero Sarah. Go Danielle Usa national team got work really hard to make the success this summer 2007 and get the first place in the Norceca championship. Go GO Danielle we believe in your experience. My favorite Volleyball player Danielle scott. from Jesus miranda in Atlantic city, Nj, 08401

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