Hello Everyone,

Well, that cold that I caught at the end of my stay in Brazil is still lingering around four weeks later. Only it worsened night before last and last night I sounded like a frog. I was going to volunteer to be a part of the Project Rebound held in New Orleans this morning. But I just felt too bad. This morning I called and made an appointment to go to the doctor. He said it was probably leftover cold combined with a sinus infection. Three minutes later he sent in his assistant to stick me in the butt with a needle. Those who know me, know that I am the biggest baby when it comes to needles. Just the doctor advising that I should have brought tears to my eyes. Well, the procedure was over in seconds. But it hurt for a bit afterward. You know I had to ask for a lollipop. I was a good patient. It should have been offered automatically don’t you agree? That’s it here. Beside all the running around on errands and taking care of stuff at home, I’ve been doing so cardio to not get completely out of shape. Next week I will start lifting weights again.

Take care

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  1. Other than being under the weather, how is it being here at home? I don’t know if I ever told you but I play women’s pro tackle football. Our first game is at Brusly High at 7 on Saturday 4/28/07. We are playing the defending nat’l champs. Wish me luck! If you want to check out the team, the website is: batonrougewildcats.com Maybe you can come check out a game or something while your home. God Bless!

  2. Totally agree with you, they should give lollipops to good patients 🙂
    I hope you get better soon, and enjoy your time free 🙂

  3. you did a good job, dani!!!
    you just got this message from a brasil volei website that you obtain a 7 top points among other brazilian players including Sassa, Paula, Erika, Marianne……congratulations

    btw, r u planning to work for Macae next season??

    anyway, get better soon and take care of urself pls…we hope u could enjoy the stay in brazil…


  4. jesus miranda

    Feeling better Danielle ,You did a nice job in Brazil superliga one of the best players there. Get ready Danielle take your medicine and star getting in good shape to defendent To USA national tema , This year 2007 got be the USA national team year on the road to the Olympics, First Win the Norceca Champions in Canada after work really like team to be in to the top 3 to get the ticket to Olympics 2008. This year USA National got work a lot to beat the best team around the world. We need you Danielle. USA , USA, to be in the 3 top teams in Japan 2007, We believe in you Danielle in your last Olympics games. Take care Danielle say hello to your Husband. Jesus from Atlantic city, Nj , USA.

  5. Hi Dani!!! I want thath you return in Chieri.. like middle, oposite, pos 4 or wath you want..but return… 🙂


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