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Yes, it has been a very long time since my last entry but life has been way more consuming then I ever could have imagined. But by the grace of God things are getting back to a little more normalcy… For those of you who don’t know my mom discovered in April that she had lung cancer and recently underwent two surgeries. I was very blessed to be able to be with her through this very difficult moment in her life. Though she is not one hundred percent yet, all of the cancer was removed and she is on her way to recovery. So for the past two months and several weeks all of my time and focus has been on my mom. My husband was so wonderful, flying from Brazil to be with us. Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes… We ask that you continue to lift my mom us in prayer that God will totally and completely renew her. AMEN. I know that my sister and my family will continue to care for my mom and I will fly home as often as possible. My coaches have been very thoughtful and a little flexible so that I can do so.

I am now back in Colorado Springs training with the USA National team and getting ready for my first tournament of the season Pan Am Games 2007 to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My mom practically kicked me out of the door. I’ve always wondered how someone could go on with their regular activities when a close loved one is sick. And I’ve learned that it is not easy but you do it because it is that love ones wish for you to do so. It may seem selfish or heartless in the eyes of others but it is an act of fulfilling a loved ones wish. One may not ever understand it until faced with the situation.

I finally got to spend Father’s Day with my dad this year. I took him to dinner and bought him a gift. The unexpected thing was he gave me a gift too. My dad bought me a new cell phone. My last one, sidekick 3 was dropped in the wash by the house keeper. BOO! The rotten part is that I didn’t have insurance on it. It is my fault because I shouldn’t have left it where it was… The phone I have now, cingular will not cover with insurance either so I am handling it with particular care 🙂

Yesterday, I had the honor of speaking about one of the greatest Olympic Champions of all times Bob Mathais as one of the Olympic Training Center (OTC) buildings was renamed after him and June 22 was declared Bob Mathais Day in Colorado Springs. Bob Mathais was a two time gold medalist. He was the first OTC director and served in the Marines and as a US Congressman.

Well, GOD IS GOOD. I will forever give him the praise through the good and challenging times. May HE bless and keep all of you as well for HE is an almighty GOD.



PS The USA that is competing at the Pan Am Cup in Mexico is currently 3-0, defeating Argentina, Costa Rico, and Dominican Republic.

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  1. I was not aware that your mom was diagnosed with cancer. I’m sorry to hear that but joyful that she is on the road to full recovery. My father was diagnosed with cancer 9 years ago, but is now considered cured. It was a tough emotional road, but we are blessed to have weathered the storm. Good luck in the Pan Am games in Rio! Take care and God bless!

  2. we chinese fans are really watting for your great performence in july and august. watting for you in Ningbo.

  3. god bless ur mom…and all best wishes from us as well..

    looking forward 2 ur perfect performance in Panamerican Games, which is also what ur mom would like 2 c…

  4. Hello, I heard about you today from my after my daughter’s private lessons. She is 6’0 and has been playing club for about three years. He told me that she has the potential to be like you. I know nothing about v-ball. I just support my duaghter in her new passion. I loved your blogg. My daughter plays club, but she attends a very small Christian school in Covina. So when I read your site, I thought, “God is good”. I will make sure that I email her your web page. I hope she will read your accomplishments. Keep up the good work. My God bless and keep you, may His face shine upon you, and may He be gracioud unto thee.

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