Back to Earth again although I am still running…

I am at the Chicago airport headed for C.Springs. The challenge now is to get my Russian visa to participate in the Grand Prix!

So I am sure you all know that we are winners of the Bronze medal at the Rio Pan Am Games! I think that is was a great accomplishment for our team. Lot’s of experienced gained. We definitely can see what level we are at this point and know that we are going to have to raise our bar several levels to not only compete with teams like Brazil and Cuba but also to beat them.

This was my fourth Pan Am Games… Playing in this Pan Am Games was particularly fun competing in Brazil. The fans and support there for volleyball and sports is just amazing. And as I’ve said rather the cheers are for or against you (in our case no matter the opponent the cheers were not in our favor) ya gotta love that atmosphere! I feel so incredibly blessed that I was able to be Captain of the Pan Am Games Team. Being captain of our National Team is always and honor. But God didn’t stop there. I was selected to be flag bearer for our entire delegating! WOW, what a privilege! AND my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary! We had only five hours together because of our schedule and of course I was there for the Pan Am Games. But my coaches were nice enough to allow me to stay after our final match for a few days. It was nice to spend some time with my in-laws, Alice, Eduardo’s sister, is a bundle of laughs.

I am trying to keep this short but I have to tell you about my horse back riding Saturday afternoon outing with the girls. Actually getting to the ranch was the biggest horror, I mean adventure. Really, riding along with Nette and Foluke in the back seat, me in shot gun and Nay at the wheel, we all commenced to scream, hold our breath and wonder where in heaven’s name is the ranch, as we traveled up along side of a rail-less hundred million foot drop off! One later of what should have been a twenty minute drive NOT, we arrived at the ranch and took a mountain trail ride. My horses name as Aztec.

Mom is doing better. Praise God. She is in Houston at MD Anderson doing some follow up exams. I was able with her only her first day before I traveled to Brazil. But my niece Natalie is with her and they will travel back to Baton Rouge tomorrow.

That’s about it for now. I will try to do better with updates during the Grand Prix.



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  1. Congrats on the bronze! And for being the flag-bearer and captain! I’m glad things are going well for you! Good luck at the Grand Prix!

  2. hows ur mom doing nowadays? 🙂 she had such a good girl to be proud of..

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