Well, it is Grand Prix time…. We have a three hour lay over before checking in which gives me time to write a quick update and yak on the phone with my mom, dad, sister and friends.
Not too much has happened since my return from Brazil besides of course necessary training. I was told on Friday that my Russia visa came back with the other passports that was a concern since the turn around time was so short. “Deus e fiel,” I exclaimed when I heard the news! Nice work Carla and those involved with that process.

Now I am ready to rock-and-roll for the Grand Prix. We will have our challenges as usual … but know that we will fight through it. Our first leg we will travel to Poland. Friday we will play Poland if I recall correctly they had a fabulous crowd. Then we will play Russia and China.



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  1. good luck 2 u and Jenny….wish i could c u guys fighting in Ningbo, China…

  2. Hi Dani, first I would like to congratulate you on your great performance (as usual) at the Pan Am in Rio. I’m 32 and I’ve been a great v-ball fan for the longest time, since I was 10. I also play for fun with my friends on weekends. And u better than anybody know how much Brazilians enjoy not only playing but also watching the games. Last March or April, I got to watch one of your Superliga games at the gymnasium in Sao Caetano. My friends and I drove all the way from Sao Paulo to Sao Caetano cuz we knew you were going to be playing that evening. We always get a kick out of your China style spikes from the back court (behind the 3meter line)! I also saw on TV some of your games in Italy last year when you were playing on the same team as Virna (Chieri). My friends and I always remember a game between the US and Brazil, I think it was either at the World Cup or the Grand Prix in 2004, when the US team was very strong and Brazil won 3X2 after losing 14X12 in the fifth set. You guys had a great team that year. Players like Hanneef and Nmmani.. I can’t spell her name, they were pretty strong and if it wasn’t for Arlene digging every ball, and Sassa’s block and ace on the last minute, you guys would have won. But anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself and wish you all the best at the Grand Prix. Also, I hope your mom gets better soon! One more thing, I wanted to make sure that you knew that at no time were the boos for you when the US played in the Pan Am. Brazilian fans look up to you and we all know what a great player and person you are! : )

  3. It’s your time now!!
    I can’t watch your games live at the Grand Prix 2007, but I’ll cheer you wherever you go.
    Who are the 12 members?
    FIVB, USAVB hasn’t last roster information yet…I’m so excited!!
    Let’s go the final round in China ^^

    GO GO Daniko! GO Go DANIGO!!

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