Tomamo chocolate 0-3… That is an expression the Brazilians use when one losses a match in three sets. Although we lost in three, there were some really great defensive plays made and pretty good sideout attack when our passing was successful. Where we failed was in our counter attack (transition), we didn’t serve very tough and the blocking was off. Even with all of that the set scores were within a few points difference. We will see China again before the final round. I expect that we will have better results.

Now off to Russia… OH MY GOODNESS lets talk about my worst flight ever! So we are late arriving in Moscow, from Rzeszow, Poland, and the flight attendants of Aeroflot were so unpleasant! They basically faulted we the passengers for the delayed flight. We had recheck in upon our arrival in Moscow…they gave us a row number without a letter seat assignment. I am thinking great I will have the entire row to myself, but I quickly realized that all of our tickets were issued in the way. Not only were we an hour late arriving for our connecting flight, it was further delayed by and hour and a half! We finally begin boarding and upon entering the flight there were of course the two sections…we headed for the right, yep economy class. The first couple of rows there were about eight kids… I thought wow that is a usual amount of kids to travel from pamper age to about age 6. But that wasn’t it … there were children scattered about throughout the economy class. Some stretched out over two seat, some in the EXIT ROW! And it seemed that no one was claiming them. So we had to grab and open seat. What a nightmare…. The flight attendants were not trying to help with seating in the least bit. Needless to say there was no sleeping on this eight hour flight. Even worse there was a man who walked down the aisle with a portable potty! It was not empty! I’ll have to post Kim Glasses Myspace so that you can get a detailed account.

It is already 10:30pm on Wednesday so we have only one more day of preparation for our up coming matches against Cuba, Russia and Kazaksstan.



PS Heather is doing better hopefully we will be in full strengthen by this weekend.

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  1. I hate to fly as it is, so that would have been pure torture for me! Good luck with the rest of your travels and play!

  2. Hi Danielle,
    I’m Lisa, a fan from China. Do you remember me? Maybe not, but it is doesn’t matter.
    USA volleyball team gave me a big surprise when you won Russia in Poland. you really get a big progress. I’m very happy that you are back to USA team, and keep a good condition. I hope that USA team will gain a good result in the Grand Prix.
    Wow, I’m looking forward to watching the match between USA and CHN in Macao. I hope that your team and China will show us a wonderful and exciting match.
    And I also hope that your mom will pull through the difficult time and get a better recovery. God will bless her.

    Go Danielle!

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