I am back in Colorado Springs after a whooping three days at home. What a quick trip but as always it was a joy spending time with my family… I surprised my mom. She was so excited. And guess it was a surprise to my great nephew Stefan who is three. His reaction was priceless. He screamed, yelled TT (short for aunt), ran around the room, then ran and leaped into my arms. So cute. During my short stay I got one workout in, dinner with my dad, has some of my sister’s slamming gumbo, went to the doctor twice with my mom who returning to Colorado with me, and took care of a little business. Whewww, I am tired from writing all of that.

Well, the Grand Prix had an unfortunate end of us. We needed only to win our last match against the Netherlands but we didn’t respond. Even though we didn’t make the finals I think it was a good tournament for us. We beat Cuba twice a team we will see again in the NORCECA qualifier for the World Cup. We be Russia in three and lost to them in five…. And played a little more consistently than we have in the passed although we will really have to work on making fewer errors are critical moments.

Now we are preparing for the NORCECA. I’ve been a bit under the weather the last couple of days. Hopefully come Monday I will feel much better. Three weeks will pass quickly.



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  1. jesus miranda

    SO sorry for the Usa national don’t played the GP finals, Usa needs play more consistent, Now the Norceca , Usa national got win the title again Cuba very hard competition,Danielle any news about Berg and Nancy? Usa needs those players back.Ok Danielle thxs for playing so great. I hope your Mom feeling better, take time to recovery. USA got win the Norceca ., and get the ticket to 2008 olympics games. All the teams are so strong Netherlands did a great job in the past GP in China. USA,USA got win titles this year 2007, Norceca and World Cup in Japan. See ya soon Danielle now Arruda. Jesus from AC, NJ.

  2. How are you Daniko?

    NORCECA starts next week!!!(Sep-15th)
    World Cup 2007’s tickets will be released on Sep 15th same day!!

    How is NEW USA National team 2007? Please lead young members for good way.
    I’m ready to buy the tickets ^^ I miss you so much.
    Please be TOP 2 team and come to Japan in November!
    God bless USA.

    Blessing your mom!! I hope your mom getting better.

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