From Colorado to California, beautiful Orange County. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Laguna Hills. Boy, was it a busy schedule. I couldn’t believe that I was so close to Tall Girl (clothing store for tall girls and women) but didn’t have a moment to make it over there! BOOOO! We trained at Soka University. Very beautiful campus and the people were so friendly. Wiz and Logan joined us for practice. Yes, Logan Tom. She is looking to get back indoors now that her beach season is finished and perhaps join us for the World Cup. That is if with the grace of God we can overcome our injuries of late. Right now we have only one healthy outside. YIKES! I continue to be blessed and healthy, beside yesterdays excruciating migraine headache, I am over it. Please, everyone extend your prayers of healing and protection to all members of my team. We are USAVolleyball and together we will find a way! We did have one afternoon off to have a BBQ over at Bown’s house. SPECTACULAR! It was cutely decorated with cookie baskets on each table. Plus Robyn cooked her specialty ribs and pink chicken. We even had dessert! Delicious, cookies, cup cakes and a fruity dessert with custard on top.

And now we are in Winnipeg, Canada… Not freezing yet but it is on the really chilly side. Thank goodness the gym is heated. My roommate, Katie and I, luck out and got one of the better rooms. We each have our own room each with a TV, plus a sitting area. And there you have it. Competition for the NORCECA Continent Championship will begin on Monday. Our pool play opponents are Trinidad, Mexico, and Dominican respectively … the winner of the pool then advances to the semi finals and cross with the other pool after a day break from competition.



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  1. Hi Daniko

    I am glad to hear your news lately. I really want to join the BBQ to eat , and I am wondering about “pink chicken” PINK? Is it Chicken’s name? or something menu name?
    USA became champion 2001, 2003, 2005 with NORCECA, so I wish YOU will be champion again!
    “I’ll support Team USA no matter who is selected to play.”

    I have send CDs to Team USA in Colorado Springs (USA VB) last week. I am not sure you will receive it or not…Please listen to the CD during your practice. or Would you mind tell me if you can get it Pls.

    GO USA!! USA will be a champion!!??Good Luck.

  2. Hi Dani,

    I am happy to hearing Tom came back because tom is an all-around player(not only spike, pass & server are also great and stable), I think she must increase the value of your team.

    GoGo USA, GoGo Dani & Tom

  3. jesus miranda

    USA got win the norceca title again, lets go Danielle now Arruda,together like a team, Bown, Robyn, Danielle, Hannef,Berg, Cassie,Ogonna,wilkins, Joines,So sad Tom didn’t get the passaport on time.Lets go USA, USA Anybody know where is Metcalf?We really misanielles her,Danielle the Norceca is in your hands block the ball against cuban team. I wish can have some money and go to Canada to watch a great match against CUBA VS. USA great players, Thanxs for all the teams are playing the Norceca championship. OK D

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