NORCECA Championships on the way and we are 2-0 against Trinidad and Mexico, off to a good start. We had to adjust our line up. Cassie has moved into the starting line up playing opposite, and doing a fine job. Tay is back on the left (This season ’07 she has been playing opposite for us). Ogonna is also outside, with Heather and myself in the middle, Robyn running the offense, and Nicole libero. Then we have Berg and KatieO coming in for the double sub. Third set Jen replaced me for both matches. And to add a twist today, I went back in the match third set for Tay! As you may know Tay is recovering from straining her abdominal muscle. That was fun. Tomorrow we will play Dominican Republic for first place in our pool. The first place team of each pool will have a not have to play the quarterfinals. My Daddy is here! My Daddy is here. This is his first tournament since Athens. I am amazed he actually made it. He like my mom is a workaholic. However, my mom would use her vacation time to come out during my international seasons. Anyway, I am glad to have him here. Berg’s parents and grandmother are here, as well as Heather’s parents.



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