Well, that’s all she wrote as the saying goes. Who is she? Anyway … we lost to Cuba this afternoon in five 16-18 in the fifth. Just what a finals match should be like, fight to the end. I hate to lose as much as anyone, but I have to say we did really well considering our circumstances. I would say the same had we won. It would have been so sweet. But, we had only the libero as our full time passer, that is … our opposite was a primary passer, Ogonna whom it is her first season passing, was a primary passer… I played outside (position 4) AND was a primary passer WOOHOO. (Depending on who was serving we were shifted in and out of the passing formation.) Now I think that the difference in a passer and a non passer is the repetitions the “passer” train each day. Anyone who practices passing will get better at it. That is why I am often in my coaches ears to allow me to pass rather they intend on you me or not. I think passing helps overall ball handling skills. Of course my pleas have fallen mostly on deaf ears that is except for passing short balls. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do all the correct techniques that I was taught way back when, when each player was taught all the skills… However, I think I passed OK. I don’t have the stats it might have been worse than OK or better hehehhehehe…… But anyway enough about me.

My team did and outstanding job making adjustments to the different line up and playing as a team. We qualified for the World Cup which is our first step to qualifying for Beijing.

Now I will head home for three days two of which are travel days, then I am off to Brazil. I will be there soon my dear Hubby and team Finasa of Osasco.



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  1. The team lost the game fighting until the end! I wish USA had won the match, but it is still a GREAT result. Every championship the team is getting better and better!! Well, it would be better if USA had won but the team classified to the World Cup and in fact that’s what is really important 🙂
    I thought you’d be practising with the nt until november, but since you’re going to Brazil it means that I’ll be able to see you playing sooner than I expected 🙂

  2. Oh, and I forgot to ask… did you receive the pictures of the Pan American Games I sent to you? 🙂

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