From Canada to Baton Rouge… and of course the flights were delayed so I arrived home at 2 am, stayed the day and traveled to Brazil the following day. Greeted by my husband who was late to pick me up. Yep, can you believe it! But that didn’t matter once I saw him, hehehehehehe. Then lots of running around trying to get my documents together so that I can play in the matches ahead. k

So after one day with my husband, my arrival day, I traveled to Franca with the team. What should have been a 2 and a half maximum three hour bus ride turned into 6 hours! We beat Franca 3-0. WOOHOO! But I wasn’t allowed to play. BOOOO! Turn out the team that I played for last year Cimed Macae, did not pay my transfer fee leaving my name blocked from playing actually anywhere professionally. Eduardo and Finasa are working together to get that cleared as soon as possible. However not before our match today against Volley Futuro. Again I didn’t play, but we won 3-0. Now we are in for a long drive back to Sao Paulo. Guestimated arrival time 5 or 6 am the morning of our only off day for the week.

At any rate, it is nice to be back in Brazil. I’ve already had McDonald’s paid for by my club team. Our trip to Franca was delayed due to air-conditioning problems on the bus, so our treat was McDonald. Otherwise, our team would never endorse it. By the way, I only eat McDonald’s when we are in foreign land, then McDonald’s is like Ruth Chris.

Hopefully, things will fall in line early next week so that I will be cleared to play in the Cup of Brazil.

Thanks for your support and prayers,



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  1. its good to hear everything goes well with u and Finasa…
    how are u doing now? preparing for the coming WC tournament?

    take care of urself…


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