World Cup 2008 has begun… USA opened against Peru and won in strait sets. We allowed more points to them than I would have liked but it is always good to win. To Peru’s credit, they played really scrappy defense and served pretty tough… Tomorrow we have an early match starting at 12:35 verses Cuba. Cuba is always a fun team to play. They are very athletic and attack the ball aggressively, makes blocking them that much sweeter!

One match down, ten to go…



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  1. Hi Dani,

    Congratulation for your 1st match.

    Could you help me to tell Tom we are support her to back.

    GoGo Tom, Dani & USA Team

  2. Congratulations! cuba is a tough team.Glass serves and attacks great today.And you get several nice blocks too. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Dani,

    Since my city didn’t broadcast the match, so I only read livescore on the match, although only figure show and no image, i can image it is quite excited especially the 5th set. CUB lead your team frequently 2 marks, but after 10 something marks, USA lead over them, I am very happy, your team eventually win.
    Also all your main players each can earn double figure.

    GoGo USA.
    GoGo Tom & Dani

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