WOOHOOO! 2-0 that is us, USA team. We beat Cuba in three! Just kidding four would have been nice but we’ll take a 3-2 victory coming from behind in the fifth set! We were treated to McDonald’s for the victory. Can you believe I said no to McDonald’s fries and FRIED apple pies! I did enjoy a filetofish sandwich and large Coke.

Nine more to go. Tomorrow we will play Poland.



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  1. Dani,

    Great job by the team! And great block on matchpoint! =)

    Good luck for the rest of the tournament!

  2. Dani,
    Congratulation USA team.
    But read the figures, i found that although this match win, spike and block of USA is lower than Poland especially blocking. I felt since poland makes many error, so they lost this match. So pls continue to play hard.
    We support all of u!

    Today tom seems to perform not well. Hope she can perform in the rest of the match.

  3. hey, Dani
    you’ve already done a great job for beating Poland 3:1.
    Namani did excellent in the last set. i think she need more confidence.

    any way, it is a great job.
    GO USA, GO Jenny, we Chinese fans always support you and the US team.

  4. I’ve just arriverd at home now!
    I really enjoyed watching Team USA games!
    All games were very exciting!!

    I’m going to Kumamoto next week!

    Go USA! Go Dani! Get a Vavo-chan! haha^^

  5. jesus miranda

    Congratulations Danielle for the 3 victories. Now Usa team need play more confidence, Brazil is next team to beat, Danielle you’re playing excellent, Now Usa team got server very hard to beta the next coming matches very hard, but not imposible. I like the USA team all 12 players are ready to replace each others with same level. All are good Berg,Santos,Tom, Danielle, Hannef,Joines, Bown,Oggona,Glass,Sykora,Davis, Cussie. Thxs USA to play excellent volleybal. USA on the road to get on top 3 in the World cup 2007.Jesu miranda , Atlantic city, nj,USA.

  6. Dani,
    Congratulation for the 4th victories. Tomorrow will be great match for USA.
    I am curious why u only are present in set 1, Tom is only set 1 & 2. Whether Jenny want u & Tom have more time to rest in order to handle tomorrow big match?

    GoGo USA

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