OK win number FOUR… Let’s keep going USA! We did exactly what we wanted to today. And that is to use this match against Kenya to work on specifics of team USA. Except for the second game we really steadied our passing, served tough and just had a lot of fun keeping our energy up. I played only the first set, but in the box we find a way to be as vocal and excited as if we were on the court. Jen came in and did a great job. And was named Best Player of the match. Other substitutions were made as well. So look out Brazil, it will be a team effort tomorrow’s fight! As Tara used to say GLOVES OFF!

No McDonald’s yet this leg yet but the girls have found what? Starbucks! There is also a Mister Donut near by so anyone to serves a ball that doesn’t touch the net or pole or the strings pulling the net tight, will have to pay up. That would mean number 6 from Cuba, Ramirez. Hehehehehe.


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  1. Dani,

    Honestly, I guess u will lose to BRA because their all players are all-around. But I am very happy because USA won.
    Next week, your competitor may be weaker than BRA/ITA very much but all of u should still concentrate on the match. Remember USA tried to lose to DOM in 2004 olympics. So this time must win.

  2. dani,
    i am so excited!
    you beat Bra 3:2. hahhahahahah
    i felt so nerves at the end of the second set.
    now i am the happiest one in China. Remember there is a large amount of volleyball fans who always stand in your side.
    you still get SEB and ITA, go USA. on the way to the champion?

    what are you doing now, MC or star bucks.hahhahahahhah

  3. Kratz@Beijing

    Congratulations to the win number 5.

    There r still ways to go. The Serbian and Italian and even the Japanese team could never be defeated easily. So plz keep yourself vigilant, will u?

    Good luck!

  4. do you kown, a lot of chinese vollyball fans love you very much
    you are a respectable player
    someone put you diary on a chinese vollyball bbs
    many fans enjoy reading your words

  5. Congratulations…USA..urs ar 8 wins… Go&Fight.~!!
    11 wins ….beats itlay also …hope u can take care urself 2

    Best wishes
    UR fans form China ~!!!

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