Still UNDEFEATED! WOOHOO! All Praise be to God. What an awesome win coming back from down 0-2. It was a great team win. I only played a bit in the first set, getting 1 kill of a couple of attempts, and some touches on the block, then coach decided to make some changes. We still went on to lose that set and the second. But what a turn around in the final three sets. The passing steadied out, our offense was great especially Tay and Kim off the great defensive plays of Logan and Nicole. Everyone who entered in the match did a great job. I got a headache from cheering my teammates on from the sideline. I think Berg will be hoarse tomorrow.

Well, we will enjoy the win until our next practice. It has been a long time coming beating Brazil so we’ll have to savour it a bit. Then focus on those teams at the next stop. Round three we’ve got Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Korea…



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  1. CONGRATS!!!! I’m not sure why i am saying this with this huge smile on my face!!!! (i should be upset the my Brasil lost!) BUT having two people that i love so much in the USA team, makes me happy for you guys!!!
    and Lo Lo got the best player of the match award!!! that’s my Lo Lo!!! =)

    i’m so excited for you guys and i hope you keep doing as well for the rest of the tourney, but i’m sad i won’t be follow the next round because i will be taking my high school team to the STATE Tourney held at the Pontchartrain Center in the Big Easy!!!!! i will be there til saturday, so good luck and hopefully when i get back i’ll keep reading how you guys are doing so well!!! =)

    i signed your guestbook yesterday, not sure if you saw it, hopefully you did. so i WAS going to say that we needed to catch up, but i have been catching up with you here, so YOU are the one who needs to catch up with me!!! =) email me sometime! i miss you!

    Boa Sorte!!! Saudades!!! beijos….

  2. jesus miranda

    CONGRATULATIONS! USA TEAM all players did excellent JOB. Finally USA beat Brasil. Danielle I think it was a great recovering down from 0-2 I saw the Fivb live score and I said to myself Oh no Again Usa is losing 0-2 like in Atenas 2004 no again , Usa won the 3 , the 4 set and Isaid Go USA , Hannef played a great match, Santos excellent, Joines gerat too., Bown,Tom played more confident, Danielle is your time to celebrate, Nicole great defense too, Berg a little nerves, Glass, Ogonna, Thxs to Lang ping. Now to next level get the World cup title for USA. Go Danielle it’s hard but not imposible. USA team on the road to next Olympics games 2008. Go Danielle and Teammates. THXS USA national team to played a great match. Jesus miranda from Atlantic city, NJ.

  3. Such a great game!
    I think all the players had tried their best ! Especially Ah-Moh.
    It’s really nervous for us to watch the game (tv live,I am in China)!
    Many Chinese fans really happy and enjoy!
    BTW, many Chinese fans will come here cause someone told us there is a blog of Danielle in a BBS.

  4. Hello Scott!
    I am a Chinese girl, my English is very bad~~~~ I like you after 2004.
    Two seconds ago, I know you have this blog. So I come here.
    You and USA team win Brazil yesterday night, I am so exciting!!!
    You will be champion!!!!!!!!
    God bless you and USA team~~~~~~~~

  5. Danielle and Team USA,

    Great congratulations on the stunning win over Brazil! What an unbelievable fightback made possible by enormouse courage, confidence, and passion. As a Chinese living in the US, I absolutely support Jenny Lang Ping’s team. Thanks to the generous China’s sports TV stations I was able to watch the game live through online TV display system. And since I am in California I had to watch the game from 1am to nearly 4am. I am so glad that I did not let such a fantastic match slip by. It was just everything I wanted to ask for from a volleyball match: remarkable effort on both sides, great offence, blocking and defense of Team USA, outstanding team work, and Jenny Lang Ping’s superb ability to coach the team in making transitions. Finally, I really hope that Team USA can bring the world cup title back and of course, get straight into Beijing for next summer’s olympic games in Jenny’s home town, Beijing (and mine too). I will go cheer Jenny and Team USA. Wish you guys the best of luck! Allen Li from San Diego, CA

  6. you guys did a great job! what a great comeback. I enjoyed the game and the superb performance of usa team very much. Thanks for the great game.
    Go Denielle! love ya

  7. Hi, Danielle, I am a fans of you from China, a country where Jenny comes from. I have attentioned your game since 2003. No doubt your team have done a good job that beat Brasil, and I believe USA will certainly got TOP 3 in the World Cup 2007, even the champion. Then I will wait you at Beijing in 2008. Come on, never forget that I will support you at any time.

  8. Great!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TEAM USA SO MUCH!!!!!
    I really wanted watche the game LIVE!!!! Gooooooood JOB!

    I’ll be there on Sat, Sun in Kumamoto!
    I’m looking forward watching against Thailand and Korea!
    Keep doing well!!!

    Go Daniko!

  9. Congratulations, my friend! You all keep up the great work! Good luck with the rest of the tourney!

  10. Congraluations, Danielle! Here’s the fans from HK. Ive been watching you since 1995 in World GP.
    It’s time USA to get the gold medal and please keep up all the good works!!
    I will take a half day leave and watch the “Gold medal” match against Italy in 16-Nov! GOGOGOGO!!!
    Support you, USA team n Jenny forever!

  11. well done!
    I’am a fan from China,
    wish America good luck in next six matches.

  12. USA Volleyball has been buzzing with excitement. You ladies are doing a fabulous job and I see nothing but greater accomplishments ahead.


  13. conratulations! we are so excited and happy! I am one of the chinese fans of USA team, we like u so much, hope u’ll take the gold medal home !

  14. Great job USA!!! Keep up the good work. It has been exciting for us back at home. But we continue to cheer you on. Hi oganna! keep reaching for the stars!!

  15. Great job USA!!! Keep up the good work. It has been exciting for us back at home. But we continue to cheer you on. Hi oganna! keep reaching for the stars!!

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