SIX and ZERO! That’s us… Granted our last match verses Dominican Republic was not pretty but I will take an ugly win any day. The tournament is starting to take it’s toll on our team. I am sure other teams are dealing with injuries too. Last tournament this plague hit our outsides. This time around there is no bias. Tay’s foot is hurting her, Cassie’s knee, Robyn’s knee and ankle, Berg’s knee, Heather’s calf, Jen’s knee…so all you praying folks lift these players up specifically for healing and pray God’s protection over the rest of us with our lesser aches and colds. You might think, “Wow, but Tay scored 20+ verses Brazil and the setter’s are still playing, so on…” that is the nature of the game, our work. We don’t have sick days, or personal days. We just play right through it. Which makes me thank God for giving us the strength to keep pressing on. When one absolutely cannot go any further or not performing one’s best or the coach just need a change the rhythm, one has always got what? TEAMMATES. What a great team sport! GO VOLLEYBALL!

Today down with Thailand.