Today we are 7-0! We beat Thailand in four. Thailand was the first Asian team we have played against. They played well too. It seemed we would take off to a big lead as we opened up 4-0. They quickly caught up with strong serving. I tell you, I think that most teams strategy against USA is to serve tough. We wanted to serve them tough as well to slow down their offense, but we made a lot of errors. Playing against a shorter team is tricky. Usually they have very good defense, and very skilled attackers to try to irritate the block, by tooling it. In the end, our strength over powered them. Tay was unstoppable. Today’s match was good preparation for tomorrow’s match against Korea! And no all Asian teams are not short. They have several 6’2 players and one who is a bit taller than me!

Thanks for your prayers,


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  1. Dani,
    Congratulation for the 7th victories.
    yes, Asian team’s offence is quite good especially japan, so all of u need to more attention and since they are short, so they are more likely to use touch out method to get score.

    Also i am worried next week match especially italy because they are very strong, until now they only lost 2 sets. They not only strong spike power, but also strong offence.

    Dani, in usa i like u very much, also i like tom. Tom is still all-around player in USA team but do u feel tom’s spike power a bit weaker than the past. She make errors than in the past. Pls help me to encourage Tom. Thx!

  2. hey,Dani,
    there was no broadcast today in china. i can only watch the live score. i feel nerves till the end of the second set.
    you really make me crazy.
    you did a good job, especially with 6 block kills. keep on.
    go Dani , go USA.

  3. HEY Danielle!
    this is my first time to visit ur site so i might write a lot 😛 haha you must read them all!! ahah well i now can simply saw a reflection of the China team in 2003, that they won every single game in the world cup. I m sure you guys can do it as well! Even though China is not playing in this world cup. or EVEN THOUGH i am a china volleyball team fans:P I will support you guys too! Good luck with all your matches! well I think you’ll get very unaccustomed with the skills that played in the Asia’s team. Even though they are must more shorter, or maybe can’t spike well. They have a really good defence (as you said). So I think you guys should be really patient about it, and try not to make as many errors as you can! and then everything’s fine! You’ve done a good job ahhaha I really love your smile on the court!
    xoxo JOANNA

  4. Dani,

    Congratulation the 8th victories!
    The coming last 3 matches will be very tough (SRB,JPN,ITA). Remember to concentrate and pay attention on the court. Don’t look down JPN because yesterday they defeated POL.

    I knew Bown (more serious), Jennifer have injuries. I hope they can recover before SRB match. So I am very worried about USA blocker position.

    GoGo USA and all usa player & jenny.

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