We are definitely on a roll. 8-0! Wow it really felt good to take care of business against Korea. Especially since they decided to rest three of their main players for the match verses Brazil because they thought they would have a better chance to beat USA. NOT! Not this time… They still played incredible defense and served tough against us. But our attack, block, and just overall game was stronger. I am really proud of my teammates. Some players were limping after the game. For us these days, that phrase “no pain no gain is very literal.”

We were promised McDonald’s today after our match but seeing the lines three across, out the door…we passed right on by. It reminded me of my dad. When I was younger my dad and I would stop at McDonald’s on the way home. As I got older, this was a cruel joke, he would act like he was going to stop, then speed by it. Of course there are a million and one McDonald’s on every other block, so eventually he would stop at one (some times)…

Well, we head out bright and early on tomorrow. Final leg, GO USA!


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  1. dani,

    Read from msg, known some players were limping after the game. Who? I am very worried about this. Hope the coming 2 days, all of u have enough time to take rest in order to handle the coming tough matches.

  2. Hello! Dani!
    You got Vabo-chan this year too! Good Job!
    I really enjoyed watching USA games for 2days.
    I went to watch win games! haha^^

    See you in Aichi (Thursday and Friday! )
    Ohhhhhh I have to work tomorow……….

  3. Hi Danielle, have been watching you play for years and I must say I am your big fan! You have been fabulous in the tournament and congratulations on your 80%+ spike rate against Korea. It was really amazing play and that running spike set up for you by Berg well behind you from the 3m line was stunning, how could you do that! good luck and please win the remaining 3 matches and be the champ! Do come to Hong Kong for Grand Prix again also

  4. jesus miranda

    Go Danielle, Go Danielle the last week is coming to the end of WC2007 , matches against Italy, Usa team got server tough, Keep eye in Aguero and piccini. I believe in Usa national team . Win the WC2007 it’s hard but not imposible. All are playing good level Joines too, Santos, Berg, Tom,Scott,Bown, Oggona,Cassie,Glass,Davis, Sykora,Hannef.Keep consistent USA team.Usa team. Jesus from NJ.

  5. I am so glad to see USA winning 8 straight games. God bless all you guys. Hope you all recovered from injuries. Be focus on the last 3 matches. We all believe the USA can win the championship. A lot of Chinese volleyball fans love USA team, not just because of the Coach Jenny, also the greatest players in the US team. Scott, BOWN, Ah-mow,Haneef are so dedicating to the team, especially you, danielle, you have been playing in the US national team for more than thirteen years…You deserve a big title. All the CHinese fans support you and the US team. We are surprised how well you can play for so many years. We also like to see TOM LOGAN; she is skillful and very beautiful. Haneef and BOWN are also powerful players too. We also believe Glass will be a STAR tomorrow. Ah-mow Santos,,, how adamirable she is. She deserve the title too. Well, anyhow, I represent all the fans in China to wish US teams win this tournament. A lot of us are discussing the games in a Chinese Volleyball forum. We are caring about US team as our own team. When you guys go to Beijing next year, you will find out how many fans you guys have captured in China…
    Good Luck!


  6. I am a Chinese fan,congratulations to all of you ,and wish the US women’s volleyball team will get the gold metal!!!Sure win!!!

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