Hello All,

Well, we are about 18 hours til game time…WOOHOO! Today’s preparation consisted of training, two video sessions, therapy and rounded off with Hagen Daas Caramel Crisp umm um (Thanks Nicole and Stacy). We play Serbia, Japan, and Italy, respectively. No easy matches during the World Cup competition!

I have to say I am so pleased with the support that we have. And thank you to whomever introduced my blog to the Chinese volleyball bloggers. Yes, I was believing that the support that USA has from the Chinese fans was only because of our coach Jenny Lang Ping, who everyone knows is Chinese superstar “the Iron Hammer”. But thanks Jack (Chinese fan) for expressing otherwise. And thank all of the fans from USA and all over the world who have been leaving encouraging comments for team USA. It is amazing how closely some of you follow this program and the players individually. We will do our best and prayerfully good results will continue to follow.




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  1. hey, Dani,
    i have familiar with the USA team since 2001. i love you and Heather so much. really hope you can win the champion. fight!!!

  2. Hey Danielle,

    U know what, U do have a lot of fans in China, and I believe in the whole world as well, of coz. Many people began to love u even from the Atlanta Olympic Games. And I believe they will keep on supporting U, the USA Team, and Jenny Lang forever.

    Good luck for the following matches.

  3. Dani,

    I saw your plays many times when I lived in Japan. I believe Team USA has talents, teamwork, good coaching to win all the way. Hopefully everyone recovers from the injuries and is ready for the big games to show how good everyone is.

    Good luck for all the matches.

  4. Hi Danielle,

    Fans from china love USA team may not just becoz of Jenny, U gals just play really well and deserves the love of fans from all over the world. Not only there are many chinese fans of you, i know there are many fans of Tom and Tay among my friends too.

    I am from Hong Kong (in China) and have noticed u since u joined the national team in 1995. I really appreciate ur passion and effort in ur career and also the great improvements in skills all round.

    Hope u gals remains unbeaten till the end of the competition and bring back the world cup to USA~~

  5. Hey…Keep it on…I hope that USA can got the first……..
    I have seen the match which between Brazil was really done well on the web…ANyway…I’m not Jack,and I am chinese fans also..My english is very poor…just want to say many people want to say “Support” to all of you^_^

  6. Hi Danielle,

    It’s so nice to see that you have fans from around the world, for the love of volleyball that transcends national boundaries. You are such a great role model for younger players, and it’s a shame that USA Volleyball doesn’t get enough exposure it deserves in the United States. Anyway I am enjoying watching the games on Universal HD and hopefully you guys can bring home the gold medal! Go USA!

  7. Hi Dani,

    The USA team really does a good job in the competition up to now, CONGRATULATIONS! also wish you win all the matches in the next days.
    There are numerous fans of USA volleyball team in China, certainly you have numerous fans in China too, The fans love your team not only for your coach Jenny, but also for the spirit, the persistence, the courage, long-suffering, and all the excellent quality of human being and athlete that your team and you definetely show for all of us.


  8. Dani,

    Sorry about that hearing USA lost to SER, but don’t give up, we are support u!

  9. Dani and Team USA

    Just Do IT tomorrow!!!! BEAT JAPAN!!!
    Against Japan,I think it is AWAYGAME…
    I’m Japanese, BUT I cheer USA USA USA USA!!!
    GO GO GO GO GO !!!!

  10. jesus miranda

    Let’s Go , Let’s go USA , We got beat Japan tomorrow and Italy. Very hard matches. I think Serbia played more consistent. Now Usa got play more consistent to beat Italy. Let Go Danielle . Usa got win the next 2 matches. Danielle we’re suppport you. Thxs. Jesus here.

  11. Hi, Daniel.
    You are wrong. Jenny Lang Ping is a very important reason but not the only one we support USA team.
    You can’t imagine how many fans you have in China. You are really an awesome player. You have played volleyball for so long. It is almost impossible for a Chinese player to insist playing for so many years.
    There are also many many fans of Tom, Bown etc.

  12. Congraduation for winning Japan 3:0…
    Tomorrow will be a hard day for you guys….btw…keep your fire and fight Italy…I know U.S.A can do it^_^

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