And we all say AMEN! USA has qualified. What a fun match against Japan. We played great against the home team Japan, in front of all of their fans, with only the Berg’s and a select few others cheering for us in the gym. Thanks to all of you who stayed up and watched the live score, or cheered during your dreams… But it isn’t over. New goal since we can no longer finish first is to at least blemish Italy’s 10-0 record. This should be an enjoyable match.




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  1. I was watching the game against Japan on TV last night.
    You were doing sooo awesome!!!!
    And I just checked the result against Italy out right now.
    I wish I could watch the game today…..
    Are you going back to the US sooner?????

  2. Brian Berdanier


    It was weird to be watching the USA-Japan match on TV tape-delay from just a few miles down the road (I’ve moved to Tokyo since we last communicated). What a great win for Team USA, and for you… a couple of your thundering blocks put an end to the Japanese TV announcer’s annoying “is she too old?” comments (haha). Italy is water under the bridge… you’ve now got all the time in the world to prepare to beat them where it counts most: Beijing! Go, girl… and go, USA!!!


    PS. Do you think Logan and Syko will commit to staying with the team through 2008? I (and about a million other fans) would like to think so….

  3. CONGRAZ!!!

    hi, i am from hk. congratulate u gals finally done with the long journey in world cup. n beijing 08 is juz rite ahead of u. i hope i will be there to cheer for u gals. i am sure it will be alot more excited to watch n to (play). juz wonder if ur team will come to hk grand prix next yr as well. cant wait to watch the live match!

    Go, go, GO USA


  4. Upstair.
    I think Logan and Syko will stay. They also want to Beijing, do not they?

    Chinese gold media is designed to a bowlder and gold. You will like it~~~~
    If Chinese team still use Xu Yunli (number 6 of Chinese team) who a very bad middle blocker, I hate her so much. I think we will lose Olympic. I hope that you and USA team will be champion.

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