Well, we have come to the end of the road of World Cup 2008. Though we didn’t rob Italy of an 11-0 sweep, GREAT JOB ITALY, we did reach our primary objective which was to qualify for Beijing. Wheeeew! At least that is behind us. We had some opportunities to close the third set but in the end too many errors committed. Italy played a very clean match.

Now, I will be heading home on Saturday for a couple of days, literally. Not much time to relax. I will get in celebrate my nephew’s 19th birthday, go to church gather some things and head out on Monday for Brazil. There I will join my team Finasa Osasco for the semi’s of the Paulista. GO Finasa. So no Thanksgiving Turkey Day for me boo!

Once again, thank all of you supporters of USA volleyball program, team, individual players and coaches. You don’t know how much it means to us and me personally. I really appreciate your taking a chance and writing to me in English…which I am really impressed with you all you are quite good. It takes a lot of courage. I know from personal experience trying to speak or write in a different language is quite difficult. So thanks.

Take care, blessings,


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  1. hey!! Miss.Danielle,

    I always late. But I still support you everytimes. I’ll write to you agian by mail.

    Take Care,


  2. Brazil……
    Again,and again. They win 2 anterior sets and lose match.
    Again,and again. They can touch champion cup,but lost only a little step.
    Thank godness, I am not a Brazil fan.
    In China, lots of volleyball fans like Brazil, they are very very sad again……

  3. Hi Danielle, well done in the World Cup and you have been fabulous! Heather and you have done a great job and you 2 form the top pair of middle blockers in the world! Good luck in Brazil and all the best in the Beijing Olympic Games as well!

  4. Hi!!, she could in order you to give me the private email Logan Tom,please?
    He is congratulating on the promotion to the Olympic Games and the medal!!!

  5. Great job, Dani and your teammates and of course Jenny Lang Ping.

    Relax at the limited time and fight again 🙂

    Looking forward to see you again on TV.

    I’m now in Houston and can’t be in Beijing next year 🙁

    What a pity!!!

  6. Hi Danielle,

    I know it is a bit late. But still, I want to say to you and your teammates GREAT CONGRATULATIONS on qualifying for Beijing, where I am from. You and your teammates had done the best to achieve that. It was a tough tournament given so many matches, a short period of pre-tournament practice of the team USA, and injuries that had hindered players’ performance. Yet, you guys made it in a great way. Thanks to the generous Chinese online TV system, I was able to watch nearly every match team USA played at my home in San Diego. Certainly the match USA played against Brazil was one of the most impressive and unforgettable games throughout the Would Cup. That match shows that the team USA has what it takes to the Olympic gold metal. Next summer in Beijing, I will go cheer you, your teammates and Jenny up. I wish you have a successful Olympic journey and a joyful stay in China. Take care! Allen from San Diego, CA

  7. Francisco Franklin

    Hi Dani, I am a big fan of USA volleyball and International volleyball. I admire your work and always cheer, root and pray for the USA.

    I can never see the games, though. I don’t mind if they are delayed, old,.. whatever, I’ll love to see them. I live in New York and recently subscribed to RAI on cable, hoping to see some games since they were airing some… but nothing. I have seen NOTHING. I am hurting here.

    any sugestions on how I could view them. I would even buy DVDs. Anthing. Please advise.
    God Bless you and Praise God! The USA has qualified for the olympics. GO USA! Now I am rooting for the men.
    Francisco (Cisco)

  8. jesus miranda

    Congratulalions USA national in the top 3 teams in the World Cup 2007, Now with the tickets in Beijing 2008 USA national team got work with Lang Ping Together to get a medal in Beijing. Thks Danielle Thxs USA Womens National Team. USA in Beijing 2008. Enjoy your time off with your family. USA now the next Medal in Beijing . THxs Danielle. Jesus miranda from Atlantic City, NJ, USA.

  9. Hey Danielle & Fellow USA Olympians!

    It’s really great to see you and several other of my old college player favorites having so much fun and playing so well for Team USA! I just want to congratulate you, your teamates, coaches, and others who make all this possible! It’s been awesome to watch your matches in large screen hi def on Universal HD! The matches are delayed, but terrific to watch! I was super excited to see you play Brazil so well – wow! BTW I attended Long Beach State during the mid eighties, and came out to watch you play on several occaisions subsequently. I also had the fortune of watching and meeting Logan and Oguna at a sizzling Stanford vs USC match at USC several years back – what great people and teamates!

    Just out of curiosity, I am a rehab/sports as well as Qi Gong therapist in SoCal, if the team is ever in the area I would love to know what I could do to contribute – it would be an honor!

    Hope to see you all at your best ever in Beijing!

  10. haha,
    A Chinese in USA offers the HDTV USA team’s competitions to us. These videos so clear.
    We are so happy!!!

  11. In fact, I learn English ten years. But…………

    A Chinese in USA offers the HDTV USA team’s competitions to us. These videos are very clear.
    We are so happy!!!

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