Hello All,
Well, I actually started to write and entry the other day but I didn’t complete it, my husband used my computer and closed the document without saving it. So this time I am blaming him for my not having updated my site 🙂 So here we are the day before the potential last match of the finals for the Paulista. It is a best of three series verses Sao Caetano. We won the first match 3-0. Although some parts of it wasn’t pretty (the tips and roll shots falling) we pulled it together. Elisangela had a spectacular offensive match and everyone else did her part.
I am taking a different medicine that I think finally I will be rid of my cough.
Other than that, My hubby and I are watching the first series of Hero’s in between his finals exams and my training … any fans of that show? What else? I got a new car … well it is not new but like new enough 2005. Thanks Sweetie.



OH, and GO USA MEN’S TEAM…right now we are in third. Top three, that what matters.

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  1. i am so glad that you start writing again.
    also, best wish to USA men’s team.

  2. I watched the Men’s game today LIVE.
    It was really close game……..

    I hope Men’s team qualify for the Olympics with NORCECA next year!
    Go Stanley! Go USA!

    I’m glad to read your diary again!!! Take care Daniko.

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