We are the champions my friend! Paulist Champions 2007 FINASA OSASCO! Well, this was the ninth Paulist title for Finasa. What a great moment and feeling to be apart of it. Though my role was relatively small in that I only participated in the final three matches, it still was an amazing feeling to win the gold trophy and medal. I LOVE GOLD! The was the second match up consecutively Finasa Vs Sao Caetano. My compliments to Sao Caetano as there program is continuing to grow and is always a team that is well organized and competitive until the end.

Our fans were great. The girls did somewhat of a pile on the floor in celebrating our win. Then after receiving the trophy and medals we took a victory lap around the gym. As I congratulated our president and our coaches, one said, “This is the first of many to come.” Wow, I got chills. But quickly came back to the moment. Let me enjoy this championship first. At least until Tuesday when we will resume practice.

Go Finasa, Thanks for everyone’s support!


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  1. Everybody love gold!!!
    Add gas !!!( A Chinese expression, means to cheer on. Just imagine that human like cars, “add gas” means fuel to them.)

  2. it is really a good news. aha
    congratulations, dani!

    fighting for next championship.

    go go

  3. Dani..
    congrad!!!Keep it..Keep it..
    sounds everything is excitied,,
    it must be so sweet for celebration!!!

    love u..girl..

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